"I am ready to serve the communities of District 7 and not Washington DC interests. Virginia needs the proper representation going forward"
- Michael Monteforte


Civil Liberties

I will fight to ensure our rights are preserved. There are certain groups that think our rights are a form of selfishness. I would propose that all of our young people have their own copy of their constitutional rights/civil liberties to ensure that our younger generations will be able to identify government overreach. All while encouraging the importance of having respect for authority.



In Congress, I will work to cut costs in prescription medications and introduce new solutions to improve health. Bring awareness and more recognition to alternative medicine and procedures. There needs to be more of a push for proper nutrition instead of medication if possible. I will fight against medical tyranny and support medical freedom. 


Border Security

We must secure our borders and become a deterrent for those who fund and profit from human/child trafficking. It is vital to ensure our borders are protected and to keep out individuals from other countries that may pose a threat to American citizens. It is important that we also encourage and express the importance of legal immigration. 

Digital Privacy

Ensuring we have laws that protect our digital data which is being sold to third parties without our knowledge for profit. The practices are predicting and exploiting our individual habits. Also holding corporations accountable that may pose a risk to our liberties such as free speech.


First Responders

As a representative of this community I will serve as an advocate for police and fire/rescue. It is vital that these individuals have the proper equipment and resources to keep our communities safe. Fire and rescue should all have the proper navigational equipment which helps with the response time. Responders should not have to rely on their cell phones GPS in order to respond to an Emergency.